Learned how to give rats injections today!
"Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?"  - (Danielle LaPorte)

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Anonymous said: Well to be a positive person on here I've been watching your tumblr since you were in a coma and I have never given up on you. Not once have I ever thought you should give up or that you would. Keep fighting the fight cause I've seen the remarkable changes you have made and how hard you have been trying! You will beat this!

Thank you SO much for this! It really means a lot 💜



Sun setting down  by Garlesteanu Cosmin

My mind keeps darkening and my thoughts keep slipping to what I could do, should do, have to do. I gain momentum during the week because I HAVE to be on my a game in school and function and be normal, but it’s all a facade and when I return home, I run out of steam and crash. Hard. I just keep considering my options, knowing I have the means to make this all go away, and planning scenarios / opportunities to do so.