fleuryllis said: i hope you don't let what that disgusting anon said get to you at all. it was definitely out of line and nobody has any right to judge anyone else's situation. i think your positivity is amazing and you obviously do the best you can. just sendin ya some love <3

The love is mutual..thanks so much for this!! 💙 you beautiful

Anonymous said: what's your baby sister's name? she's so cute! how old is she? what is wrong with your salivary glands? how are you doing ed wise if you don't mind me asking?

She is cute, thank you :) her name is Aubrianna, and she’s about 7 weeks old. I had a biopsy for sjogren’s syndrome. I’m doing well, thank you. 💜💜

Anonymous said: I believe what that one anon wrote. You're a disgrace to man kind. You have everything you want and you're so unappreciative. Yes, life sucks and trauma sucks but you have everything at your fingertips and you still manage to Bitch at something. You're such a greedy bitch. You'll never grow up. IQ can only get you so far when you are inevitably going to kill yourself. Do you tell the kids at that hospital to go starve themselves? How about your sister? You're ridiculous it's disgusting!

This is disgusting.


• my relationship with my mother wasn’t ever, is not currently, and won’t ever be perfect.
• that is okay. We are two imperfect humans, with flaws and dents and bruises. this is also okay.
• I find myself getting anxious when I am “doing nothing”. this is sometimes called relaxing. I’m on vacation - relaxing is okay.
• I don’t always have to follow a script or have perfect conversation to be allowed to spend time with other people. The time itself, the togetherness, is a gift.
• sunsets are beautiful.
• we are blessed.

Anonymous said: You are so goddamn manipulative! I'm so sad for you. You're so transparent, and only YOU can't see that!

What am I “manipulating?”
Also.. No need to send me this three times. I appreciate the gesture, but Really.



Anonymous said: Nice picture in your bikini.....gotta make sure everyone believes you have an eating disorder and that your ribs stick out ;). Fuck you, Olivia.

Its really sad that you
a) feel insecure/shallow enough to judge people and curse at them based upon their body size and
B) click anonymous just to try and get someone down without repercussion.

I hope that you see more of the world and grow up a bit.